Dave Porter

My Issues

This year my top issue is ensuring the Pierce school project proceeds on schedule and on budget. I campaigned with Yes for Brookline, and I showed up again this year to speak when the Park & Rec vote looked shaky. I’ll keep showing up until New Pierce is built.

My top issues more broadly are maintaining and enhancing our excellent schools; solving traffic; pedestrian, bike and transit mobility; housing; and, most pressingly, climate. I’ve agreed to chair the Shared Mobility Advisory Committee starting later this year.

I’m proud to have been endorsed for election by the Brookline Equity Coalition, Brookline for Everyone, and Brookline PAX.

My Story

Before Brookline, my wife and I had nine mailing addresses in nine years, but when it was time to raise our children, we came back here.

Since returning, we've added solar and heat pumps to our home. I’ve worked for Warrant Articles, most recently for the long-overdue Pierce project. I've brought my kids to BLM marches and to walk picket lines. My wife and I put our time, our money, and our family where our values are.

Put broadly, Brookline is the best place I know of. Nowhere else I’ve lived has the same blend of quiet and exciting and diverse; of transit-accessible parks and schools; of great restaurants and stores a short walk away. These things aren’t just nice — they naturally create community, and bring us together in a fundamental way that improves all of our lives. And we have a government and citizenry dedicated to improving it all. Let's go!

You can email, call or text me any time with any question. I’d like to ask for your vote for Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 7th.

Dave Porter

21 Clark Rd.


(617) 676-8383