Ana Otero

About Ana

I am a Biology professor, a researcher, an immigrant and a 19-year Brookline Village resident with a son in Brookline schools. I currently serve on the town Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee. I have been endorsed by Brookline PAX and Brookline by Design

My priorities as a Town Meeting Member include:

1. Commercial and housing development and vehicle traffic in the village.

The population and traffic in Brookline Village has increased dramatically over the last few years. Housing should not be a luxury. At the same time, we must preserve our historic landmarks and quality of life. We need thoughtful planning that ensures our schools continue to be excellent, our roads are safe for pedestrians and bikers and our small local businesses can flourish. 

2. Sustainable growth.  

When it comes to environmental sustainability, Brookline lags nearby communities, from energy sourcing and efficiency to composting.  

3. Racial climate in our schools.  

Recent events at the high school illustrate that we​ must prioritize education on diversity in our schools. 

Ana Otero
12 White Place #3