Malcolm Doldron

Advocate for Community Engagement, and Social, Economic, and Climate Justice. 

Occupation:  Head Coach of Lightweight Rowing at BU (2012-Present)

Community Involvement



83 Harvard St, #10. 617 875-7305.

League of Women's Voters Questionnaire Responses

Question 1:  What are the one or two most critical issues in your precinct and/or the town and how would you address them?

Covid-19 has intensified socioeconomic disparities and exposed racial tensions that have existed in our community for generations. Access to affordable housing is central to these issues, and requires an integrated planning and development process approach, utilizing principles of Smart Growth, to support Affordable Housing AND small business development simultaneously. Identifying leaders of industry, policy, education, and services, spanning all economic, cultural, and age demographics, will be vital. Bringing diverse perspectives to the table is how we forge a Brookline that works for everyone.


  Question 2:  Biographical data


A career educator, Malcolm moved to Boston in 2011, becoming the only head coaches of color, in  NCAA Collegiate Division I Rowing. With over 25 years of experience developing successful programs and leaders, Malcolm is an exceptional collaborator, adept in working with multiple stakeholders. Currently a TMM in Precinct 6, Malcolm also serves on the Board of Directors for BIG, and Boston’s Head of the Charles Regatta.