Town Election May 7, 2024

Brookline Precinct 6

Make Your Voice Heard!

Welcome to the website for Brookline's Town Meeting Precinct 6.

Town Meeting is the legislative arm of the municipal government in Brookline, Massachusetts. Brookline is divided into 17 precincts, each represented by 15 Town Meeting Members who are elected to staggered 3-year terms.

The precinct map was redrawn in 2021 following the 2020 U.S. Census. You can look up your precinct using the maps below or via, and find more election information from the Brookline Town Clerk.

Current (2022) Precinct Map

There are 17 Precincts, each with 15 Town Meeting Members

Precinct 6 boundaries as redrawn in the 2022 Precinct Map

Precinct 6 votes at Brookline High School

Looking for more information? The Brookline League of Women Voters publishes an annual voters guide, which is now available at for the 2024 election. The group also often sponsors candidate events so check their website.

Additionally, below are links to several community groups who make candidate endorsements for town elections: