Scott Englander

About Scott

I’m an energy consultant and clean energy entrepreneur, and have lived in Brookline since 1992. My wife and I feel fortunate for our two sons to have attended our outstanding Brookline schools (Pierce, Lawrence, and Brookline High). Brookline is a wonderful place to live, and I’m passionate about making our town a more sustainable and welcoming place for all.

Community Activities

  • As a Town Meeting Member, have represented our precinct since 2016

  • Served on the Transportation Board 2013-2018; liaison to Public Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Chaired the Complete Streets Study Committee, which developed Brookline’s Complete Streets Policy, ranked in the top 10 complete streets policies of 2016 by Smart Growth America

  • Fought hard for improvements to the design of the recently reopened Brookline Hills MBTA station, which were ultimately embraced. As a result, the station and surroundings are more welcoming for T riders, students, and community members generally

  • Instrumental in decision to use geothermal heat pump technology to heat and cool our schools

  • As a Town Meeting member, I’ve led, co-petitioned, and helped draft many warrant articles, mostly around sustainability, transportation, and housing issues

  • Served on the Boylston Street Visioning Group

  • Served on Boards of Directors of the non-profits Design Museum and LivableStreets Alliance

  • Endorsed by Brookline for Everyone and Brookline PAX.

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