Laura Bradford

About Laura

Hello, I've lived in Brookline since 1991 and am late in the game for getting into local politics, working and raising my three kids has kept me very busy.

I am an educator and am currently working at the Martin Trust Center for Early Learners. I have always been an observant listener and your vote would not only give me more opportunities to listen, it would allow me to be able to actually make the changes we need to make our town the best it can be.

I am a member of the Brookline Equity Coalition.

My email is Please feel free to let me know your concerns.

Questions from the League of Women Voters of Brookline Voters Guide

Question 1: What are the one or two most critical issues in your precinct and/or the town and how would you address them?

The first issue I'm most passionate about is improving the quality of public housing. Finding the funds for major rehabilitations of these properties. We must treat all Brookline residents with the respect and dignity they deserve. The second is addressing issues of racial justice and equity everywhere. In schools and all Townwide buildings and programs.

Question 2: Biographical data

I'm an educator and currently work at the Martin Trust Center for Early Learning. I moved to Brookline in 1990 and raised my three children here. I am running as a TMM to help move Brookline further towards equity for all; we have made progress in recent years toward this goal and I want to bring my support and vision to this ongoing work. I'm also a part time artist who loves taking photos and making public art with chalk.